Book Review: Teach Like a Champion

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Teach Like a Champion, by Doug Lemov is an excellent resource for teachers. As the Introduction points out, it is a book that is full of ‘specific, concrete, actionable techniques’. It is not a book that focuses on theory or lofty ideas for what education should be. It is a book of techniques to help teachers make their classroom more efficient, engage their students more, and help make learning more visible to students and teacher. As the author himself admits, these techniques are not necessarily groundbreaking or innovative, which is part of the beauty of the book.

The techniques are placed into chapters based on whether they are; related to setting high expectations, planning that ensures academic achievement, structuring and delivering lessons, engaging students, creating a strong classroom culture, setting and maintaining high behavioral expectations, building character and trust, improving pacing, and challenging students to think critically. The structure of the book allows for teachers to pick and choose techniques to improve specific aspects of their teaching. The publishers also include a DVD of the 49 techniques in action that is handy for visual learners.

I have successfully implemented several of these techniques in my own classroom. “No Opt Out” is an example. The technique involves a situation where a student answers ‘I don’t know’, an altogether too familiar refrain heard by many teachers. The technique involves soliciting the correct answer from another student, then returning to the original student for the answer. This simple step requires that the original student is still responsible for the information. They may not simply ‘opt out’. Another technique that our school has embraced is the ‘Do Now’ activity. The idea is that there is an activity on the board for the students to begin immediately upon entering the classroom. This is an easy and effective way to help utilize the entire instruction period.

There are many other activities within the book that any teacher could benefit from implementing. I recommend this book to any teacher, whether they are just beginning their career or are a seasoned professional.”

-Dare Holdren, SMHS Social Studies Teacher

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