SMHS One-Acts Coming Soon

Recently, I was speaking with Phil Levien about some of the intervention work that is occurring at San Marcos High School. We both are on SMHS’ Intervention Committee and are working with students that has been referred to our Student Assistance Program.

Phil began to describe the “one-acts” that his students have been preparing for months and will be performing in the coming weeks. These are original performances all written, directed, and acted by students. Phil expressed his excitement for the progress the students have accomplished so far in preparation of these performances. Regarding a recent performance, Phil said, “To see so many students find success and recognition, perhaps for the first time in their academic career, was a pure joy.”

I’m looking forward to seeing the one-acts. They will be presenting 6-8 original one-acts during period one, on 5/31 and 6/1, in the auditorium.

One thought on “SMHS One-Acts Coming Soon

  1. Yes, I hear some of the student work is very powerful and moving. This is a great concept having students write their own One Act Plays and having other students perform them.

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