Your Personal Learning Network

Customizing Your Professional Development: Your PLN

Educational blogs, Twitter chats, and online webinars are a convenient way to gain knowledge on various topics that are relevant to all professional educators, including Common Core, supporting English learners, literacy, RtI, technology, discipline-specific topics and more.

These social media resources help educators build and customize their own Personal Learning Network to connect with educators worldwide from the comfort of your own iPad, computer or other Internet-connected device. For the most part, these options for professional learning are free (sometimes you are required to sign up/register for the site).

Reading education-related blogs, especially ones written by classroom teachers, can spark new ideas for you to try in your own classroom. Typically education bloggers share their handouts, examples of student work, and photos of the experience which gives you a vision of what occurred.

Good education-related blog sources

Twitter, a micro-blogging service, is a great way to read short (140 character) snippets from anyone you choose to follow. Educators often use it to share their classroom ideas and to ask questions of their Twitter colleagues, through the use of education-specfic #hashtags. Popular Twitter hashtags are #edchat and #cpchat.

Education-related hashtags

Webinars offer more formalized learning experiences were presenters share information and participants can ask questions. What’s nice about webinars is that if you are unable to participate on the day/time a webinar occurs, typically you can review the presentation and materials at a later point in time.

Good webinars sources:

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